Reilly Architectural is committed to providing our customers with the most comprehensive line of services in the industry. We believe that not only are our products the best in the world, but that our level of service is unsurpassed by any of our competition. Our services can begin as early as the project’s preliminary design phase, and can continue for decades after the project has been completed. Here you will find all of the services we currently provide, some of which are exclusive to Reilly Architectural.

Installation Services – Reilly Architectural installs more than 85% of the products it manufactures. The installation team is not a sub-contractor of Reilly Architectural, but is comprised of employees of Reilly Architectural, which assures a better understanding of our products than a 3rd party installer.

Design & Engineering Services – We will assist the Design Professional in creating the perfect window and door package. This service could be as simple as assisting the Design Professional with the selection of hardware, or could be as complex as engineering a motorized curved window and door assembly that drops into the wall below. No detail is too big or small, we welcome the challenge.

Budget Management Services – We can assist the Design Professional in creating a window and door package that works within the client’s budget. This service can begin as soon as the project’s preliminary design phase by helping the Design Professional create units that are cost effective and true to their vision.

Specification Services – We will provide the Design Professional with a Specification Sheet, along with consultations, to help navigate the endless options available to them. This not only provides for a more accurate contract price but helps to reduce the number of change orders that can occur during the submittal process.

Project Management Services – Each and every project will be supervised by a single Project Manager from design all the way through to final punch list and maintenance. This assures that not only do the Owner, Design Professional & Contractor have a single contact during the design & construction process, but that the contact is aware of the many nuances that are often part of every project.

Pre-Installation Services – Before the shop drawing process we will meet with the Design Professional and Contractor to discuss the many installation options. This will allow us to create installation details that best suit the needs of both parties. We will also conduct a site visit when the units are delivered to answer any questions the Design Professional and Contractor may have about the installation process.

Submittal Process – We will provide all of our jobs with either Electronic or Paper formats of all submittal documents. Electronic submittals can not only speed up the approval process, but can also provide for a more earth friendly submittal process. Final submittals are always in paper form. Furthermore, all jobs will receive submittal samples for all aspects of the manufacturing process, from Wood and Finish Samples; to Glazing, Screening and Hardware Samples.

Restoration Inspection Services – The Project Manager and support staff will conduct a site inspection and prepare detailed drawings of the built conditions. The level of understanding gained by such an inspection enables us to work with the Design Professional and Contractor in creating installation and weather stopping details for the unique built conditions that are often part of every restoration project.

Post Installation Inspection Services – Immediately after installation of our products, whether by Reilly Architectural or by the Contractor, we will conduct a Post Installation Site Inspection. This inspection will not only give the owner the peace of mind that all the units have been installed properly, but will give us the opportunity to complete our punch list, hence assuring the Owner and Contractor that all of our products will be ready long before any interior finishes are installed. We will also provide a walk-through and tune-up prior to the owner’s occupation of the project.

Close-out Services – We will provide the Owner, Design Professional and Contractor with a complete set of closeout documents. This will include a set of as-built documents should units have changes since the approved shop drawings, Manufacturer Specification and Maintenance Documents for all Hardware and Finishes and a copy of the Warranty and Maintenance Service Plan. In addition we will provide our contact information should anyone need to reach Reilly Architectural in the future. Reilly Architectural intends to be accessible to our customers long after the project is complete.

From product installation to close-out services and everything in between, Reilly Architectural is committed to providing you and your clients with the most comprehensive line of services in the industry.